Cash Management

Cash Management

Smart cash management is essential for those of us with large cash deposits. It makes the most of your excess cash by enhancing interest income and minimising risk through diversification.

We offer our clients a state of the art, online cash management solution with access to up to 30 banks and hundreds of instant access, term and notice deposit rates.

You can manage your account selection using the in-built financial strength analysis of every bank to make informed choices without the need for additional paperwork or admin.

By managing your cash using this solution, you can:

  • spread funds across several providers to minimise risk
  • access all funds through a single portal with no need to stay on top of multiple accounts
  • send cash directly to bank accounts without the need for any additional account opening processes.

This is a revolutionary type of cash management and a simple, streamlined platform that allows you to control exactly how you want your cash deposited to achieve both short- and long-term financial goals.

If you are sitting on cash balances and earning poor returns, this service could work well to improve your financial planning outcomes. For more information on this user-friendly cash management solution, contact our team today.