Vintage Wealth Management

The essence of our business is the provision of personal, face-to-face financial advice that really adds value.

Vintage Wealth Management is a medium-sized Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) practice authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Based in North London, the company offers a wide-ranging service to clients in both the individual and corporate markets.

The company has built up a strong reputation for imaginative solutions, exemplary service and true professionalism in a complex market.

Clients range from high-net-worth individuals to companies employing up to 5000 people.
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Individual Clients

Buying a property can be the most substantial single purchase you make in your life and ca...
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For most people in work and of a certain age, early retirement is the ultimate dream. Howe...
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How much life assurance do I need is probably not a question that you often ask yourself. ...
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Savings & Investments
It is important to save money, for a specific goal, or a special occasion (for example - m...
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Tax & Estate Planning
There are two basic forms of taxation. Taxes can be levied directly or indirectly. Income ...
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Corporate Clients

Employee Benefits
Firms are recognising that skilled employees are their most valuable asset. To attract and...
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Business Protection
It is common for a business to insure its premises, contents and stock. Now more companies...
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Commercial Finance
Our corporate funding department is one of the UK's most experienced independent commercia...
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Corporate Pensions
Occupational Pension schemes are pension arrangements set up by employers to provide an in...
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