Overseas Mortgages

Overseas Mortgages

If you are considering buying property abroad, it’s essential to hire a mortgage expert to help you navigate the process.

With sourcing, borrowing and legal procedures invariably different in the foreign property market, there are a number of important questions that you need to answer before putting down a deposit or making a purchase.

Key Questions to Consider

  • Are you paying the right price for the property?
  • How are foreign property purchases financed?
  • Is it beneficial to buy it in your own name or as a company asset?
  • What are the tax implications of buying property abroad?
  • Do you need a lawyer, surveyor or insurance broker?
  • Who maintains the property when you are not there?
  • In which currency should you buy the property?
  • Is there any inherent risk involved with buying property abroad?

At Vintage Wealth, our mortgage specialists cover the domestic, national and international markets offering full guidance and support through what can often be a complex and lengthy process.

We use our expert skills and experience to deal with all matters regarding your desired property in a timely manner, including potential planning issues, title ownership and exchange rate fluctuations.