Mortgage-Related Insurance

Mortgage-Related Insurance

Choosing to take out a mortgage on a residential property is a huge financial decision. That is why we always recommend that you consider investing in insurance to protect you, your family and your home against adverse circumstances.

Our specialist mortgage advisers will provide access to the best deals on the market and consider all relevant factors to help you discover the perfect mortgage-related insurance for your circumstances.

Your insurance policy will work to:

  • Protect your asset and minimise the risk of property repossession or falling behind with your monthly payments;
  • Provide protection in the event of serious illness or death;
  • Create a contingency plan should you be unable to work due to redundancy;
  • Ensure that you can maintain your mortgage payments in the event of long-term sickness.

Please refer to our protection section to learn more about the range of mortgage-related insurance products available and the unique benefits of every option.