Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

SIPPs are an alternative form of personal pension plan specifically structured to allow greater flexibility in investment choice.

They are a popular choice for both high-net-worth individuals with a good understanding of market-linked investment and professionals who use their SIPP to buy commercial property for use as office premises.

The key benefits of SIPPs:

  • Allow clients to manage their own investments, either by self-selection or on an advisory basis (with the appointment of a fund manager or stockbroker);
  • Allow the individual to invest directly in stocks and shares rather than using a collective investment fund;
  • Offer the opportunity to purchase land for commercial development and commercial property (business premises);
  • After purchasing commercial property, businesspeople can rent the property back to the firm with their own pension contributions used to build up the pension fund and rent received from the property added on top.

SIPPs represent a very attractive financial option but terms and conditions vary between individual providers so it’s important to make sure the process is completed correctly. Our expert team will oversee the procedure and help you gain the most from your chosen plan.