Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment

Auto-enrolment legislation was introduced by the government in October 2012 and designed to help workers save for their retirement. Under the rules and regulations, all eligible employees must be enrolled in a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

From April 2018, employers are required to contribute a minimum 2% of each employee’s qualifying earnings with employees contributing 3% themselves.  In April 2019 the minimum will increase again to 3% from employers and 5% from employees.

Employees eligible for Auto-Enrolment are those who:

  • Ordinarily work in the UK;
  • Are aged between 22 years and state pension retirement age;
  • Are not already enrolled in a suitable workplace pension scheme;
  • Do not have a private pension plan;
  • Earn more than £10,000 per year (tax year 2018/19).

If a worker does not fit into the above criteria, they still have the right to join a qualifying workplace pension by informing their employer that they would like to “opt in”.

We recommend that all employers seek professional advice in a timely manner to ensure compliance with auto-enrolment duties. Auto-enrolment may sound arduous and time-consuming but our expert team will ensure that you are fully versed and prepared to manage your employer duties in a calm, efficient manner.

Our associated company Vintage Corporate Limited specialises in employee benefits and can provide in-depth information to help you understand how to manage your current pension scheme or set up a new qualifying pension scheme.

For further information and advice on any aspect of auto-enrolment or employee benefits in general, click here to visit the Vintage Corporate website, call Vintage Corporate on 020 8371 5232 or email