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Life Cover

The future is notoriously hard to predict which is why it is vital that we are prepared for whatever life may throw at us.

Notwithstanding emotional trauma, how many people rely on you as a breadwinner, and what fate befalls them should you suddenly die?

Life insurance (known as ‘life assurance’) can cover your mortgage and help to financially support your dependents should the worst happen and there is no better peace of mind knowing that the people you care about most in the world will be protected.

At Vintage Wealth, we offer two distinct type of cover -

Term Assurance – Term Assurance is designed to pay either a lump sum or a regular income in the event of your death. In exchange for a monthly premium, the insurer will pay out a certain sum if you die before a pre-agreed date. If you survive the term, the policy will simply cease.

Whole of Life – Whole of Life policies are usually more expensive since they offer cover for the whole of your life, and there is certainly that you will die at some point. Again, you pay a monthly premium which is invested into a fund and the benefit the insurer pays out upon death will either be a lump sum, or the value of the invested fund, whichever happens to be higher.

You may already have life cover, but when was the last time you checked it was sufficient for your current needs? Have you got a larger mortgage than you have when you took the policy out? Have you had more children? Has inflation eroded the value of the cover you have previously effected?

You insure your car against injury, and you do the same with your house, so why would you think twice about insuring yourself?

For more information about Vintage Wealth’s Life Cover policies, please call 020 8371 3111 or email


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